There are few things I like less than waiting. It's so demotivating. I have time and energy now! I don't want my parts to be here next week/month/whenever. The direction control circuits I was making in my last post were consuming too much time and energy, leading me away from the purpose of the project, so I decided to just buy bi-directional ESCs for hobby cars. Unfortunately, the new ESCs I ordered six weeks ago have yet to arrive. My code is nowhere near complete but more or less functional. I also want to have all the internals working before I start building the hull and fairing. That means I'm still waiting on motor controllers. It could be worse. I'm not running low on work to do. I've been putting very long hours into another project, a robot I'm building at UT Austin, and that's now in the mechanical prototype phase. That combined with a very full class schedule ensures that I am never bored. Hopefully I'll have better news soon.