I suppose that would be the correct name. If Tetris is four, then Quintis would be five, right? Unless there's a better term of which I am unaware. So I love Tetris, but it gets too easy after a while, even when you start at level 20. I was thinking maybe I should make a more difficult game with five-square pieces instead of four-. That would give Quintis eighteen shapes instead of Tetris' seven. I thought for a minute, why stop there? Why not six-square pieces? But that's going too far.

     Six squares can create fifty eight (or more?) pieces, which is flat out ridiculous. With Quintis, I'll have to make the screen wider, and maybe introduce more control options. I'm thinking that instead of having a constant downward speed, you should have a continuously decreasing speed in whatever direction the user wants, so they can insert their pieces from the side or bottom. It would have to be more complex than Tetris is now.
     Just a thought. I'll see what I can do with it.