I Have Company

I just came across a London firm called Random International who made a light called Swarm Light (their names are extremely pragmatic) that's almost identical to the chandelier I'm building (it predates mine by five years). Not identical, but almost. Mine will have more features and a different look and purpose. Theirs does have one idea I hadn't considered that I definitely will steal. Theirs sometimes shows the swarm as negative, with the lights all on and the swarm turning them off.

They also have this very cool piece, just called Fly, that demonstrates another idea I had for my chandelier. After I get the basic lights working, I'm going to put a camera in the corner so the chandelier can respond to a user's presence. With low performance vision, we can respond to a user's presence and location. We can make the lights brighter when people are in the room. We can make a swarm approach or avoid a person depending on their position and velocity. If the camera can see both the ground floor and the upstairs floor, we could give a user downstairs an umbrella when the rain visualization is running. With high performance vision that can identify arms and heads, we could have the user interact with visualizations by pointing or waving. You could change the visualization by waving right and left or change the brightness by raising or lowering your arms with the right gesture. Cool thoughts, just thoughts at the moment. We have to actually complete and install a basic chandelier first.