At this point, my chandelier looks almost exactly like it did a year ago. I have a single cluster of 256 lights mounted on a second story railing. However, compared to a year ago, it has stronger, thinner, longer custom made cabling, new electronics, new code, and 1/5 of the power consumption of the original. So that's nice. At this point I'm writing up the remote control code. I'll need a mid-level controller and maybe server that controls and coordinates multiple clusters and takes commands from the user. Since I got the power consumption for one cluster down to <5W, I can power each one with a single standard USB cable, which means I can control multiple clusters using a single USB cable and a powered USB hub. No custom electronics, cabling, or power supplies required. That means the mid-level controller can be almost anything. For starters I'll try one of the Raspberry Pi Zeros I have lying around. If I can do both coordinated control as well as some sort of webserver control interface on one of those boards, then that will be all I need. We'll see what works.