A Free Mavic Case

I bought a DJI Mavic a while back, and although the FlyMore bundle comes with a carrying case, 1) it's not big enough to hold everything and 2) it's not padded, so it really doesn't provide much protection for the quadcopter. I glanced at hard carrying cases on Amazon, but I didn't see anything decent for a reasonable price. So it occurred to me that I already had a case that was crush proof and shock proof: the box that it came in. It has a nice custom molded foam block that perfectly fits the quadcopter. Of course, the box itself is pretty large, so I don't want to just carry that around. So I cut out the foam then wrapped that in duct tape to hold it all together and make a hinge for the lid. It doesn't have the hard cardboard shell of the original packaging, but the foam is pretty strong and inside a backpack or other bag it should be fine. So it's free and good enough for my use.