CS373 Summer 2018: Travis Llado, Week 05

It's been a fairly light week. The first exam was pretty straight forward and I'm pretty thoroughly converted to the Church of Amazon Web Services, a true believer at this point. Didn't take long.

What did I do this week?

    I studied for the exam and followed a lot of AWS tutorials. For some reason I can't access any of the servers I created from home. I don't know why. I had no problems accessing them from campus. So I planned on doing a lot of work over the weekend, but I'll be re-doing most of it after I get back on campus. I'm also learning to use React to convert our front end from static to dynamic.

What is in my way?

    Not knowing the ins and outs of AWS. Amazon provides plenty of documentation and guides, so it's not particularly difficult to use, but it will take time to learn. For the static site we just wrote HTML pages and uploaded those to an S3 server. The dynamic site will require us to setup our own servers, databases, and access methods. Most of that will just be copying the tutorials, but like I said, it will take some time.

What will I do next week?

Finish up Project, Part 2. I'm still focusing on front end. Write up tests and documentation for the javascript I wrote last week. Help other team members build the dynamic website. Test and document everything per the assignment requirements.

What did I think of Test 1?

    It was fine. Most of it was what I expected. There were a few questions that seemed disconnected from what we've studied in this class. I don't know how I faired because I passed all units tests but didn't meet the coding requirements for one of the programs. I couldn't remember the javascript syntax for one of the commands I needed, and I used a method that went against the requirements.

What is my recommendation of the week?

   MIT released a series of six lectures on Ethics of AI. I've watched a few and they're very interesting.