Equally Good Iced Coffee, A Bit Simpler

    So as I mentioned in the previous post, the dripper I designed had some problems. The 3D printed structure was too porous and after a few uses it had absorbed a significant amount of liquid coffee and it wasn't sanitary to use anymore. So I don't recommend you print one of those unless you've found print settings that make the part watertight (at high temperatures).

    But I still want iced coffee. And just because you can do it the complicated way doesn't mean you have to. We can make the same hot-brewed quickly-iced coffee using generic kitchen equipment. Instead of buying a new pour-over dripper (I looked for extra-large drippers and didn't find any), I decided to just use a colander. It just so happens that my silicone colander fits perfectly over the top of my cooler and standard Chemex filters cover it well enough for a batch.

    Same as before, we put our strainer and filter on top of the cooler filled with ice packs and pour over a large batch of regular hot-brewed coffee (I like a medium grind and 180ºF filtered water). One 12oz bag of whole beans at an 8:1 ratio gives us about 2.5L of brewed coffee, which is 8-12 servings, depending on how hyper you like to be. (Seriously, this is concentrated stuff, don't overdo it).

    That's it. I worried that the flat-bottomed colander wouldn't brew as consistently as the conical dripper, but I can't taste a difference (though the brewed coffee isn’t quite as dark or as strong as usual). After half an hour of brewing I have enough coffee to keep me awake for the next week, ready at a moment's notice. Looks good.