I love Git as a version control tool for any application, not just for software. I've used it for PCB CAD files (works okay for applications that use text-based storage), for mechanical CAD (doesn't work so well, files are too big and are mostly bitfiles). It occurred to me sometime recently that there's another procedural text-based storage format that is very similar to software source code that would also work beautifully with Git. An application that gets iteratively optimized just like source code. Recipes! Food recipes. For me at least. I cook a lot and I treat food like I treat everything else. I approach it from an engineering standpoint and every time I cook a recipe I take notes and modify it for next time. So I've put all of my personal and family recipes on Gitlab and I'll be updating them as I cook them. (Which unfortunately might not be often for the next few months because I'm living in a temporary apartment with a terrible kitchen, but someday again soon ...)