Green Wall v2

 I've taken down the 1m² green wall I built two weeks ago. It worked perfectly (it wasn't very complicated) so I went ahead and built the (hopefully) final 6m² wall. I managed to simplify the construction a bit more. I tried to connect the frame using dowels, with steel cables pulling it all together, but I wasn't able to drill the dowel holes precisely enough using my hand drill so I ended up using right-angle brackets again. But I still held the frame rectilinear using steel cables and turnbuckles. This time around I screwed the siding directly onto the frame instead of putting siding brackets in between the two. This allowed me to screw the siding down along the top and bottom as well. And once again I stapled the drapes directly onto the siding. For now I've mounted a plastic gutter along the bottom of the frame, though cleaning that up will be one of the first items on my to-do list. And I've moved my one grow light into place on the ceiling above the green wall. I'll have to get several more of those. After building wall v2, I moved all of my existing plants over. Not many so far. About 1m². Two large ferns that I broke up into several pieces. Lots of large grasses and creeping ground cover. Next up I need to refine lighting and watering.

I'm planning to install 3-5 more spot lights above the wall. For the first light I printed a parabolic reflector that works well enough, though I'll continue to look at other options that produce flatter distributions. Then I need to refine my watering system. Eventually I want this to be completely automated. I plan on keeping something similar to the gutter I have now, except modified to drain through a filter into a collection tank on the floor. From there water can be pumped back up onto the plants. I might be able to have a bunch of hoses going to all plants at once, or I might need to use solenoid valves to water one row at a time. And then I need to fill in the other 5m² of the wall. So I'll need to buy more ferns, philodendrons, pothoses, corn plants, spider plants, hoyas, etc. Slowly but surely I'll get there.